What is dGuide?

dGuide is an abbreviation from Destination Guide. We want you to get to know the area around you just a little better. Do not stay at home or at the airport. Go and discover what's around you. Share your experience and your pictures with your friends and the whole world. Enjoy!

Why do I have to register?

We are protecting our community from spam and other abusive actions. We want to provide you with greater possible experience and that's the reason for registration. If you do not want to stay with us you can delete your account completely choosing Delete Account from Account Details menu. After such an action your account will be completely deleted and can't be bring back again. Unlike other portals we do not store your data after account removal.

Is it free?

Yes it is free and will remain free with no less functionality than in the day of your registration! We know you have a lot of expenses planing your next trip and we want to support you in it.

What are the major features?

With dGuide you can in no time:

  1. Check your geographical localisation or navigate to your place of choice.
  2. Set the search criteria:
    • Set the dGuide Category you are interested in (Castles and Palaces, Monuments, Museums, Nature, Sacral, Uncathegorised)
    • Distance from the center of the map (or yourself when using geolocation)
  3. Browse dGuide Pins around you!
  4. Add selected Pin to your Bucket List.
  5. Mark it with red dGuide pin when visited.
  6. Rate the place.
  7. Invite friends to share all mentioned information on your Timeline and enjoy it together!

Each pin is a place worth visiting. You can see it's name and photo and check details with just one click.

What's on the main screen?

Just click on the selected pin's picture to see this dGuide's details!

I do love this place! How can I get there?

It's easy! Just click the "Take me there" button within Quick Summary section of your selected dGuide. Clicking the button will open selected location with the default GPS Navigation App of your device and will show you the best path to it according to your preferences and settings.

I want to share it with my friends! How can I do it?

Traveling is always about being social - it's alway more fun with a bunch of friends. It's the same with dGuide - it's way more enjoyable when you have your friends around. First of all select Friends in main menu. If it's the first time you will have to search and invite people to connect. You can search for your friends using "Search for Friends" form. Put a name or full email address and check if your friends are already using dGuide. Please send invitation to selected people by clicking on the image. Your request will show up within "Friendship requests" area. At this very moment your friend will be informed about your action with common notification symbol and will see the invitation in her or his "Pending invitations" area. The person can "Confirm" or "Ignore" your request. If confirmed you both will see the picture of each other moved to "Friends" section. If you confirmed the friendship by accident you can always click "Remove" button under the person's picture.

From this very moment you will see your Timeline events combined and will be able to follow the activities of each other!

My friends are not yet registered to dGuide. What can I do?

Just invite them! If you have checked it with "Search for Friends" and they are not amongst our users you can click on send them an invitation link and send them either our pre-defined email invitation message or Facebook message for Messenger (desktop version only).

How can I add selected dGuide to my Bucket List?

Just click on the heart-shaped button! You are done! If you want to remove it from the list just click the same button again.

I've finally been there! How can I mark it?

Congratulations! Tack it by clicking on the grey pin next to the selected dGuide on your Bucket List. Your Timeline was updated! Uhh... and if you clicked by mistake - just click the pin-button again. It will show up as 'Not visited' again.

In what countries is dGuide available?

Our goal is to cover the entire world but... we are still working on it. At the moment 204 countries covered by dGuide are:

  • Africa:
    1. Algeria (in progress)
    2. Angola (in progress)
    3. Botswana
    4. Cabo Verde
    5. Central African Republic (in progress)
    6. Comoros
    7. D.R. of Congo (in progress)
    8. Djibouti
    9. Egypt (in progress)
    10. Equatorial Guinea
    11. Eritrea (in progress)
    12. Eswatini
    13. Ethiopia (in progress)
    14. Gabon (in progress)
    15. Gambia (in progress)
    16. Kenya
    17. Lesotho
    18. Libya (in progress)
    19. Madagascar
    20. Malawi (in progress)
    21. Mali
    22. Mauritania (in progress)
    23. Mauritius
    24. Morocco
    25. Mozambique
    26. Namibia (in progress)
    27. Nigeria (in progress)
    28. Senegal (in progress)
    29. Seychelles
    30. Somalia (in progress)
    31. South Africa
    32. South Sudan (in progress)
    33. Sudan (in progress)
    34. Tanzania (in progress)
    35. Tunisia
    36. Uganda (in progress)
    37. Western Sahara
    38. Zambia (in progress)
    39. Zimbabwe (in progress)
  • Asia:
    1. Afghanistan (in progress)
    2. Armenia
    3. Azerbaijan
    4. Bahrain
    5. Bangladesh
    6. Bhutan
    7. Brunei
    8. Cambodia
    9. China (in progress)
    10. Cyprus
    11. East Timor
    12. Georgia
    13. India
    14. Indonesia (in progress)
    15. Iran
    16. Iraq
    17. Israel
    18. Japan
    19. Jordan
    20. Kazakhstan(in progress)
    21. Kuwait
    22. Laos
    23. Lebanon
    24. Malaysia
    25. Maldives
    26. Mongolia
    27. Myanmar
    28. Nepal
    29. North Korea (in progress)
    30. Oman (in progress)
    31. Pakistan
    32. Palestine
    33. Philippines
    34. Qatar
    35. Russia (in progress)
    36. Saudi Arabia (in progress)
    37. Singapore
    38. South Korea
    39. Sri Lanka
    40. Syria
    41. Taiwan
    42. Tajikistan (in progress)
    43. Thailand
    44. Turkey
    45. Turkmenistan (in progress)
    46. United Arab Emirates
    47. Vietnam
    48. Yemen
  • Australia/Oceania:
    1. Australia
    2. Fiji
    3. Kiribati
    4. Marshall Islands (in progress)
    5. Nauru
    6. New Zealand
    7. Palau
    8. Tuvalu
  • Europe:
    1. Albania
    2. Andorra
    3. Austria
    4. Belarus
    5. Belgium
    6. Bosnia and Herzegovina
    7. Bulgaria
    8. Croatia
    9. Czech Republic
    10. Denmark
    11. Estonia
    12. Finland
    13. France
    14. Germany
    15. Greece
    16. Hungary
    17. Iceland
    18. Republic of Ireland
    19. Italy
    20. Kosovo
    21. Latvia
    22. Liechtenstein
    23. Lithuania
    24. Luxembourg
    25. Macedonia
    26. Malta
    27. Moldova
    28. Monaco
    29. Montenegro
    30. Netherlands
    31. Norway
    32. Poland
    33. Portugal
    34. Romania
    35. Russia (in progress)
    36. San Marino
    37. Serbia
    38. Slovakia
    39. Slovenia
    40. Spain
    41. Sweden
    42. Switzerland
    43. Ukraine
    44. United Kingdom
    45. Vatican City
  • North America:
    1. Antigua and Barbuda
    2. The Bahamas
    3. Barbados
    4. Belize
    5. Bermuda
    6. Canada (in progress)
    7. Costa Rica
    8. Cuba
    9. Dominica
    10. Dominican Republic
    11. El Salvador
    12. Grenada
    13. Guatemala
    14. Haiti
    15. Honduras
    16. Jamaica
    17. Mexico
    18. Nicaragua
    19. Panama
    20. Saint Kitts and Nevis
    21. Saint Lucia
    22. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
    23. Trinidad and Tobago
    24. United States of America
  • South America:
    1. Argentina (in progress)
    2. Bolivia (in progress)
    3. Brazil (in progress)
    4. Chile (in progress)
    5. Colombia (in progress)
    6. Ecuador
    7. Guyana (in progress)
    8. Peru (in progress)
    9. Suriname (in progress)
    10. Uruguay
    11. Venezuela (in progress)

More countries soon to come!