Županovice (Příbram District)

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 Czech Republic
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Županovice is a village and municipality in Příbram District in the Central Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic.


The village stands on the shore of the Slapy Dam lake and is a popular summer destination for residents of nearby areas; there are also numerous cabin and weekend house colonies in the general vicinity. A boat rental and scuba diving business draws tourists from farther away, including the national capital of Prague, some 50 km to the north. A riverside restaurant caters to visitors; accommodations are available in a bed-and-breakfast or a trailer park and campsite. Due to its length, the straight section of the dam lake near the village has traditionally served as a training spot for rowers, from local amateurs up to championship-level athletes, and minor racing events are occasionally held. Aside from the seasonal business and transient residents related to the lake, there is little economic activity; the village is fairly remote from major thoroughfares and urban centers and its permanent residents, numbering less than 100, mostly commute to work to larger settlements in the area, such as the towns of Dobříš and Příbram.
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