Bludoveček and Zámeček

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 Czech Republic
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Bludoveček and Zámeček is a hamlet administered by Bludov council in the Olomouc Region of the Czech Republic.


Bludoveček is the name of a former medieval grange (farming estate) which belonged to the Bludov Castle. The name consists of two parts: a proper noun Bludov is a name of nearby village, a suffix “-eček” means “little”, thus the name of place means “Little Bludov”. Zámeček was a residence of the Bludov administrator in the early modern era. The name Zámeček also has two parts: "Zám" is a root of a word "zámek" which means "château", sufix "-eček" means "little"; therefore the meaning is "little château".


Bludoveček and Zámeček are situated in hillside of Chocholík hill that is part of Hanušovická vrchovina (literally: Hanušovice Highlands). A paved road connects the hamlet with Bludov and outskirt of Šumperk. Historically this road was a significant way from central Moravia to Jeseník Region, to Silesia and to Baltic Sea coast. Its importance has been lost since a transregional road I/11 was built in 1965 via a different route. Now the hamlet is a quiet place with meadows and woods and it is a favorite starting point for trips to Senová hill where a lookout tower is.


The Bludovský Hrad castle was founded in the 13th century, when exactly Bludoveček was established is unclear. Medieval buildings haven’t been preserved. The oldest structure is a granary but its age is unsure because the granary has not been archaeologically explored. Zámeček was built in 1520 as a residence for local administrator. The administrator moved out to the newly built Bludov château in the 17th century. Zámeček was rebuilt as the inn named Korbílek (Little Tankard). Communist rule caused four decades of dilapidation, the inn was abandoned and estates were used as a cowshed. Two cheap apartments for cowshed workers were constructed. After the Velvet revolution, the ruins of former inn was demolished and a new modern restaurant building was erected. The restaurant was not commercially successful and was sold later. A new owner rebuilt the restaurant as a brothel named Flamengo. In 2011, the Zámeček was sold again, and the new owner have announced that he wants to re-establish a restaurant and he has begun renovations. The hamlet was richly developed during the first decade of the 21st century. A fenced park for deer and a bicycle path were established. A damaged road was fixed. Part of Bludoveček farm is used as a carpentry workshop. The owner of significant wholesale distribution company situated in Šumperk, and built a large private residence with a stable.


Bludoveček and Zámeček have about 27 people older than 18 years. The number of younger persons is not available.There are two three-story apartments, two residential houses and a part of the cowshed was reconstructed as a flat.


A carpentry workshop, cowshed, future restaurant and deer breeding are source of local income. The area is not serviced by public transport. the nearest bus stop is 2 km away in Bludov or 1.6 km away in Šumperk.
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