Bournemouth Traction and Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot

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Bournemouth Traction and Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot is a traction maintenance depot located in Bournemouth, South West England. The depot is situated on a spur off the South West Main Line and is to the east of Branksome station.The depot code is BM.


The site was originally the carriage sidings on the north side of the line between Bournemouth West Junction (the southern leg of the Branksome triange) and Bournemouth West. The carriage sidings has 11 roads before World War II (no. 1 road being closest to the main line); six more (12–16) were added during the war, with no. 17 road added in 1956. The Southern Railway had provided a four-road carriage shed that straddled roads 7 to 10.As part of the 1966–67 electrification scheme, Bournemouth West was closed, the line between Bournemouth West Junction and Gas Works Junction (the eastern leg of the Branksome triangle) was closed and lifted, and the carriage sidings converted into a depot for the new electric multiple units.For the conversion, roads 5 and 6 were lifted, and roads 2 and 3 were truncated. A new four-track inspection shed was erected, this covered the old no. 1 road, the two old main lines and a new road laid to the south of the old main lines. The carriage washing plant that had been installed in 1956 was retained, along with a long headshunt to the west for access. Bournemouth West Junction Signal Box was retained, but downgraded to the status of a groundframe. The inspection shed was modified with a two-track extension in 1986, to accommodate the upcoming Class 442 units.


The original allocation was the entire fleet of 4-REP (Class 430, later Class 432) and 4-TC (Class 491, later Class 438) units. The spare 4-TC driving trailer could often be seen out in the open from the A338 Wessex Way. In 1987, the depot had an allocation of Classes 423, 432, and 438 EMUs. Around the same time, locomotive classes stabled there included Classes 09, 33, 47 and 73.The depot's current allocation consists of South Western Railway's Class 159 Express Sprinters, Class 450 Desiros, Class 455, 456 and 458 EMUs.
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