Greek Orthodox Church of St. George (Piscataway, New Jersey)

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The Greek Orthodox Church of St. George of Piscataway, New Jersey is the largest Greek congregation in New Jersey. In 2016 the congregation celebrated its 100th Anniversary as well as the 43rd anniversary of its Greek Festival. It's 48th Annual Greek festival takes place May 20–23, 2021. The presiding Priest is The Very Reverend Archimandrites Nektarios Cottros since January of 2018. Their President of the Church is Mr. John Lyssikatos. The Church is blessed to have great supportive staff throughout the years.

Notable Members of the St. George Community

Very Reverend Archimandrites Nektarios Cottros- Priest since January 2018 Reverend Father Anthony Pappas 1959-2003 John Lyssikatos- Church President 2021-Present George Atahanasopoulos- Former Church President 2018–2021 Panos Georgopoulos- Greek School Superintendent Toula Karamarkos- Greek School Principal Detective Paul Stevens- Sunday School Principal Jim Solomos- Best St. George Parishioner John Blazakis- Volunteer Alter Assistant Kosta- Janitor Early 2000's-2020 George Hadjiloucas- Beloved GOYA Advisor

St. George Hall Of Fame

The people below are very memorable people that attended St. George who we will never forget

Kosta The Janitor

Kosta was a beloved member of the church community but sadly was fired by the church who has yet to give an answer as to why the best Janitor in New Jersey was fired Favorite catchphrase "Ayy" "Eh eh, apagorevetai!"

Youth of St. George

The Youth of St. George are very fun and comedic but are more importantly spiritually knowledgeable in their classes. The most notable Youth of the St. George community has made a lasting impact on the church and will be the leaders of the church in the future. Their knowledge and hard work will elevate them highly in life. The Non-Partisan Commission of St. George has put together a list of the Hall of fame for the Youth of St. George.

Youth of St. George Hall of Fame

George Bizos- Class of 2019 Andrea Bizos- Class of 2023 Dimitri Hirschman-Class of 2023 Evangelo Kambitsis-Class of 2023 Andrea Hadjiloucas-Class of 2023 Stratos-Class of 2025 Giannis Xidias-Class of 2023 Leonidas Petrakis-Class of 2025 Chris Vlahos-Class of 2023 Giannis Xidias-Class of 2025 Anthony "Little Hirschman" Lorino-Class of 2027

St. George Basketball

St. George Basketball has been a tradition for decades. Players have donned the Purple and White (formerly Purple and Yellow until 2017) for decades. This era of St. George Basketball, considered the Chris Vlahos era (2018-2023), will be the best era of Basketball the team has seen ever. Led by Chris Vlahos, assisted by Demetri Zambas, Dimitri Hirschman, Demetri Kalogridis, and Jason Petinatos, this starting 5 will make a lasting impact for the future. The St. George basketball motto is "Strength in Numbers", and for good reason. The GOYA team has at least 14 players in 2020-2021, and the Junior Team will have at least 20 for the next season.

Senior Team

John Lyssikatos: Head Coach Joe Hirschman: Assistant Coach Demetri Zambas: PG Demetri Kalogridis: G/F Chris Vlahos: G/F Dimitri "Hirschman" "Thunder" Hirschman: G Evangelos Kambitsis: F Andreas Hadjiloucas: F Andreas Bizos: G Jason Petinatos: C Giannis Petrakis: F Iacovos Georgiou: C Julius Boridimos: G

Junior Team

Nick Kambitsis: Head Coach Demo Hantsoulis: Assistant Coach Evangelo E Kambitsis: G Marko Hantsoulis: F/C Stamatis Hantsoulis: G/F Kostas Hantsoulis: G/F George Kostis: G Emmanuel Kostis: G Evan Siskopoulos: F Alexandros Kambitsis: G Giannis Xidias: F/C Stratos: F Leonidas Petrakis: G/F Edward Schneider: CF Nikolaos Schneider: G/F Anthony Lorino: G/F Iosif Palavros: F/C

List of Modern St. George Coaches

Senior Coaches

Nick Hionis 2014-2015 Manoli Fiotakis (Assistant Coach) 2014-2015 John Lyssikatos: 2015-2016 Lambros Boridimos: 2016-2018 John Lyssikatos: 2018–present Joe Hirschman (Assistant Coach) 2019–present

Junior Coaches

Antoni Fiotakis: 201?-2014 Manoli Fiotakis: 2014-2018 Nick Hionis (Assistant Coach) 2014-2015 Giannis Apostolakis (Assistant Coach) 2016-2018 Nick Kambitsis: 2018–present Joe Hirschman (Assistant Coach) 2018-2019 Demo Hantsoulis (Assistant Coach) 2018–present
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