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The Institute of Physico-Medical Research (polish: Instytut Badań Fizykomedycznych, IBF), is a Polish research unit that emerged in 1991 as a Research and Development Department of Primax Medic Research, Innovative and Development Company Ltd. It cooperates with specialists from renowned scientific and clinical institutions and has the Scientific Council . Its activities cover developing innovative technologies used in medicine and biotechnology.

Main Specializations of Scientific Activities

The main aim of the specialists focused on the subjects developed in the Institute is conducting the research and publishing its results. It concerns in particular the evaluation and analysis of: distribution of electric potentials which appear during heart activity and application of these measurements to cardiac diagnosis, the influence of inhomogeneous static magnetic fields (NCMF) on living organisms, especially on particular ailments and diseases, developing the content and technology of producing medicines, cosmetics, nutriceutics and dietary supplementsThere has been developed a new method of analysing the activity cardiac electrical activity SATRO-ECG, which is based on an individual SFHAM model. This method is used in non-invasive diagnosis of heart diseases and it facilitates analysing the processes occurring during depolarization of the myocardium. The specialists of the Institute have developed a revascular therapy with the usage of nutriceutics and dietary supplements, ready to be implemented with SATRO-ECG method in health care systems. There has also been calculated the spatial distribution of inhomogeneous constant magnetic field (NCMF) presently used in magnetic products . Basing on individual solutions developed in the Institute there has been compiled “The Domestic Magneto-Therapy Program as an Initiative to Global Public Health”, which was presented at the Forum of Projects for Public Health of the UN .


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