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Vidisha is considered to be Puranakshetras Jain tirtha. The Jain temples are located in Vidisha district in state of Madhya Pradesh, India. Vidisha is believed to be the birthplace of Shitalanatha, the tenth tirthankar. Here the first 108 feet elevated temple with all Tirthankaras with Shitalanatha as the principal deity is also being constructed.

Jain cave

Vidisha is believed to be one of the first places at which the Jain images were worshipped. The earliest of these are two Jain caves of Udayagiri. Only a torso remains of one cave, this torso is now exhibited in open-air museum.Cave 20 is the only cave in the Udayagiri Caves complex that is dedicated to Jainism. It is on the northwestern edge of the hills. At the entrance is the image of the Jain Tirthankara Parshvanatha sitting under a serpent hood. The cave is divided into five rectangular rooms with stones stacked, the total length of 50 feet (15 m) that is about 16 feet (4.9 m) deep.

Jain temple

Bada MandirBada Mandir is one of the fourteen Jain temples present in Vidisha. The temple is built in Mughal architecture. The bada mandir consist of a miraculous Jain idol which is considered to be older than the temple. Bajramath Jain templeBajramath Jain temple is situated in Gyaraspur and dates back to the 10th century. This temple enshrines three garbhagrihas with the temple is fully decorated with Jain sculptures. The temple was earlier a Brahmical temple dedicate to Surya but was transformed to a Jain temple which is evident from carvings of Hindu God Surya, Shiva and Vishnu on door jambs. All three shrines of this temple are now occupied with idols of tirthankaras. The temple houses a finely carved five–hooded idol of Suparshvanatha. Maladevi templeMaladevi temple dates back to the 9th century. This is a rock-cut temple built in Pratihara style. The temple was initially a Brahmical temple but later converted to a Jain worship site. The temple is rich with carvings of tirthankaras, yakshi, and yaksha. The temple consists of entrance porch, mandapa garbhagriha and shikhara. The temple is dedicated to Adinatha. The Maladevi temple is considered one of the best examples of its collection of varied Jain sculptures. The temple houses finally carved idol of Shantinatha in lotus position with symbol of deer and four armed yaksha and yakshi. Gadarmal templeGadarmal temple dates back to the 9th century. The architecture of this temple is a fusion of Pratihara and Parmara styles. It is built similar t as Teli ka Mandir in Gwalior fort. This temple houses both Hindu and Jain idols. The temple is made of sandstone with 7 small shrines surrounding the main shrine. Pataria Jain templesPataria Jain temples were built in the 9th century in Badoh city. This is a cluster of 25 temples with the main shrine surmounted with shikharas, other shrines have a flat roof, shikharas, and dome.


In 1930, Gwalior state stepped up to conserve Maladevi temple. All of the monuments in Vidisha are protected by Archaeological Survey of India.
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