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Jinshan District, is a suburban district of southwestern Shanghai, neighboring Zhejiang province and Hangzhou Bay. It has a land area of 586.14 square kilometers (226.31 sq mi) and a population of 732,500 as of the 2010 Chinese census. Jinshan District, located in the southwest of Shanghai, is one of the biggest districts of the city. Local political administration is divided into nine towns and one subdistrict. About 6.2 kilometers (3.9 mi) off the coast of Jinshan, there are three islands named Dajinshan ("Big Gold Mountain"), Xiaojinshan ("Little Gold Mountain"), and Fushan ("Floating Mountain"). At 103 meters (338 ft) above sea level, the peak of Dajinshan Island is the highest point within the Shanghai municipality. There are several beaches along the 23.3-kilometer (14.5 mi) shoreline, which are popular tourism destinations. Elderly Jinshan residents speak a distinct dialect of known as Jinshanese, with different subdialects around the district. Generally speaking, it is unintelligible to Shanghainese from the central districts as it has its roots in the dialects of northern Zhejiang province(to which Jinshan district belonged in the past) although their dialect can be understood by the Jinshanese. As the city of Shanghai has grown, Jinshan has experienced rapid changes, evolving from a relatively rural area to a more suburban environment. With completion of the high-speed highway in 2008, a new bus line was opened between Shanghai and Jinshan. This Shimei Line (t 石梅線, s 石梅线) travels between the bus station in Jinshan and another beside the Jinjiang Park station on Line 1 of the Shanghai Metro. Travel time is about an hour, depending on traffic and time of day, and costs 10 RMB each way. Since 2012, the Shanghai Suburban Railway system also offers connections to Jinshan. This service, the Jinshan Railway, connects Jinshanwei railway station to Shanghai South railway station in downtown Shanghai in about 30 minutes. The district is home to the Donglin Temple, a Buddhist temple dedicated to Guanyin, the bodhisattva of compassion. Jinshan peasant painting, which originated in the town of Fengjing, has become a nationally and internationally exhibited form of folk art.


Jinshan District is home to the headquarters of Shanghai Petrochemical Company Ltd and Jinshan Industrial Park.

Tourist attractions

Going to Jinshan can be by a convenient suburban train from South Railway Station to Jinshan (10 RMB, 30min, non-stop). Check the schedule as the time between trains can be an hour. Other attractions around Jinshan are: Ancient Town of Fengjing Donglin Temple.

Jinshan City Beach

Location: 5 Shihuaxincheng Road, Jinshan, Shanghai (free shuttle bus from train station in summer, 20 minute walk, or bus 2)Admission fee: 20RMB (weekends) 10RMB (week days) Jinshanwei town is home to Jinshan City Beach, one of the few beaches within the city boundaries of Shanghai. The large beach with imported sand from Hainan is clean and boxed-in by a concrete wall. Locals prefer sitting in a tent over sunbathing. It offers facilities including restaurants, toilets, and for (100RMB for 90min) 5 beach volleyball and 3 beach soccer fields, trampoline, water balloon shooting, jetski It is a favorite spot for couples take their pre-wedding pictures. An annual beach fireworks display is held in August.

Jinshan Binhai Park

Location: 16 Xincheng Road, Shihua Street, Jinshan, Shanghai Nearby Jinshan City Beach is a seaside park. There are large lawns, large artificial lakes, rockery buildings and pavilions in the park including a small children’s playground with amusement facilities such as bumper cars, swivel chairs, rotating cups, and sheep carts.

Jinshanzui Fishing Village

Jinshanwei is the site of the historic Jinshanzui Fishing Village (Jinshanzui Yucun, 金山嘴渔村) located 30 minute walk from the beach or five minutes by taxi. It is a small village on Hangzhou Bay with a beautiful scenery and the earliest (dating back more than 2,000 years) and last fishing village in Shanghai. Xiangyu Lake in summer has thousands of lotus flowers. Tourist attractions include teahouses, small inns, seafood specialties (shrimp, sea eel and jelly fish head), fishery museum and a folk art gallery.

Subdistrict and towns

Jinshan District has one subdistrict, nine towns and one special township-level division.

Notable residents

Qian Zhijun - A Chinese actor and entertainer who first gained fame as part of the "Little Fatty" internet meme


Commuter rail

Jinshan is currently served by one suburban line operated by China Railway: Jinshan railway – Tinglin, Jinshan Industrial Park, Jinshanwei
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