Křižanov Highlands

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 Czech Republic
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The Křižanov Highlands (Czech: Křižanovská vrchovina, German: Krischanauer Bergland , Polish: Wyżyna Krzyżanowska) is a mountain range in Moravia, Czech Republic. The Highlands, together with the Upper Svratka Highlands and Jevišovice Hills threshold, form the Western-Moravian part of Moldanubian Zone - east south part of Bohemian Massif. Core of Bohemian-Moravian Highlands.


The horseshoe form mountain range from Tišnov (part) in the east, to Žďár nad Sázavou in the northwestern and Jemnice in the southwestern. The Highlands have an area of 2,722 square kilometres (1,051 sq mi) and an average height of 536 metres (1,759 ft). The highest peak is Harusův kopec at 741 metres (2,431 ft); other peaks are Špičák 733 metres (2,405 ft) Kyjov 702 metres (2,303 ft), Blažkov 694 metres (2,277 ft) Brtník 681 metres (2,234 ft), Smrček 674 metres (2,211 ft), Bába 666 metres (2,185 ft), and Na Nivách 662 metres (2,172 ft), Pyšelská horka 510 metres (1,670 ft). To the southeast is the Boskovická brázda in mid Moravia part of Brno Highlands as well and in the south Jevišovice Hills. The mountain range is 47% forested, plantations only - spruces, limes, maples, birches. The forests are partly. The primary composition of the range is migmatite, granite, gneis. soil horizon - mainly fluvisol and cambisol. The Jihlava, Oslava, Dyje, Rokytná (source) as well among others, originates here, and the towns include Křižanov, Velké Meziříčí, Jemnice, Žďár nad Sázavou, Jihlava (part), Nové město na Moravě (part) and small towns Ostrov nad Oslavou.
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