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Lech Coaster is a steel roller coaster located at Legendia in Chorzów, Poland. It was the first Bermuda Blitz coaster by Dutch manufacturer Vekoma and opened on 1 July 2017. The ride reaches a height of 40 metres (131 ft), has a maximum speed of 95 kilometres per hour (59 mph), and has a track length of 908 metres (2,979 ft). The ride also features three inversions.



Lech uses two trains with five cars each. Each car seats four riders, allowing a total capacity of 20 riders per train. The ride can accommodate 1,000 riders per hour.


Lech's steel track is 908 metres (2,979 ft) in length and 40 metres (131 ft) in height. The track is black and the supports are grey.

Ride experience


Lech Coaster begins by taking a small dip, turning 90 degrees to the right into the 40 metres (131 ft) tall lift hill. Upon reaching the top of the lift hill, riders plunge down a beyond-vertical drop (unknown angle), twisting 90 degrees to the right in the process. After passing through a tunnel and reaching the maximum speed of 95 kilometres per hour (59 mph) at the bottom of the drop, riders enter their first inversion: a reverse sidewinder. Right after, the train turns to the right into a twisted airtime hill, which twists riders to the left. Afterwards, the train will pass through another airtime hill, followed by a corkscrew, which is located right above the main station of the ride. Riders then turn left into an over-banked turn, which then turns right. Afterwards, they pass through another twisted airtime hill, followed immediately by another corkscrew. The train then enters into an outer-banked airtime hill into a 270 degree helix to the left, followed by another twisted airtime hill into a 180 degree turnaround to the left, before stepping up into Lech Coaster's final brake run, turning to the right afterwards to return to the station.
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