Lianhua Road station

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Lianhua Road (simplified Chinese: 莲花路; traditional Chinese: 蓮花路; pinyin: Liánhuā Lù) is a metro station on Shanghai Metro Line 1. It is located on the southeast side of Humin Road, between Wanyuan Road and Lianhua Road.


North 2/3 Exits: Southeast side of Humin Road South Exits: Northwest side of West Meilong Road


B1F: Underpass connecting North Square (Humin Road) and South Square (West Meilong Road); Exits of the platform for trains bounding for Fujin Road 1F: Shops; Exits of the platform for trains bounding for Xinzhuang Station 2F: Platforms

Station transformation

It has been announced that the station will undergo an expansion, with newly-added passage between platforms in the payment area. Currently, passengers going between two platforms must exit the station first. Besides, the north square of the station will go over a new construction, with a newly-designed shopping center and connection with the existing pedestrian overpass of Nanfang commercial area the station is serving. The demolition of north square building started from June 23, 2018, marking the start of the reconstruction. The whole project is planned to be completed before the end of 2019. Japanese real estate developer Mitsui Fudosan will participate in the redevelopment and will operate the context from the scheduled date in 2020.On June 25 2021 the construction was transformation was completed after three years of work. The capacity of the station has been significantly increased, and with the completion of a shopping mall attached to the station, people will be able to interchange between the Metro line and buses without leaving the building. The current peak number of passengers going through the station on weekdays is 90,000, placing a big burden on the station which was built on the ground level with no entrance hall. The project increased the width of the platforms from 5.5 meters to 8.5 meters, and built an entrance hall on the second floor of the building attached to the station. The shopping mall, which is still under construction, has escalators that connect passengers of Line 1 and buses. This station is in a transport hub with dozens of bus lines, among which 14 were distributed on two sides of the station. Now the terminal station of the 14 bus lines is on one side and connected to the Metro station via the mall.
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