Ministry of Internal Affairs (Serbia)

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The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Serbia (Serbian: Mинистарство унутрашњих послова, romanized: Ministarstvo unutrašnjih poslova; abbr. MUP) or the Ministry of Interior, is a cabinet-level ministry in the Government of Serbia. The Ministry is responsible for local and national Police services with municipal and district branches throughout the country. Its core responsibilities include: crime prevention, criminal apprehension, investigations, customs and border control, counter-terrorism, anti-corruption, anti-narcotics and disaster relief. The ministry is also responsible for issuing passports and personal identification to citizens. The current minister is Aleksandar Vulin, in office since 28 October 2020. As of August 2016, the Ministry of Internal Affairs has a total of 42,817 employees, of whom 28,266 are uniformed officers. Of those, 70.2% have secondary education, while 27.8% have higher or high education.


Minister of Interior Ministers cabinet: Bureau for strategic planning Bureau for international cooperation and European integration Bureau for complaints and representations Bureau for cooperation with the media Service of internal control Secretary of state Secretariat: Department for normative-legal and general legal affairs Department of normative-legal affairs Department of general-legal affairs Department of housing Directorate of police: Crime investigation police department Police department Department for Security Unit for protections Traffic police department Border police department Department for administrative affairs Operations center Department for analytics Department of information technology Department of connection and cryptography Coordination department for Kosovo and Metohija Regional police departments Finance, human resources and Joint Affairs Sector: Department of human resources Department for joint affairs Department for nutrition & accommodations Department for professional education training, development and science Internal police control sector Sector for search and rescue

Special police units

Gendarmery Special Anti–Terrorist Unit Helicopter unit Police Brigade

List of ministers

Ministers of Internal Affairs, 1944–1991

Milentije Popović (1944–1946) Slobodan Penezić (1946–1953) Vojin Lukić (1953–1962) Vladan Bojanić (1962–1963) Milisav Lukić (1963–1965) Životije Srba Savić (1965–1966) Slavko Zečević (1966–1976) Viobran Stanojević (1976–1982) Svetomir Lalović (1982–1989) Radmilo Bogdanović (1989–1991)

Ministers of Internal Affairs, since 1991

Political Party: SPS DOS SPO ND / LS DSS SNS PS
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