Muhaires Castle

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 Saudi Arabia
  • Historical
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Muhaires castle located in Al-Ahsa governorate , at the eastern region of Saudi Arabia. the castle was built by Al-Imam Saud bin Abdul-Aziz . on the top of a hill at 1208 Hijri for military purposes . so it's a small military castle consist of round towers with rooms, The weapons, supplies and ammunition were stored there. this castle was there during the bottle between Al-Imam forces and Zaid bin Uray'er forces, and expelling them from the north of Al-mubarraz and the northern villages.

Construction site

It is located in the northeast of the center of Saudi Irrigation organization. Now It is surrounded by new buildings at Al-Andalus neighborhood which is known as " Alrashedya " in Al-Ahsa governorate.

Rebuilding and maintenance

In the past, the castle consisted of two floors, built with stones and mud . and it has external wall supported with cylindrical tower, located in the southeast corner of it. In the southern wall of the castle, there is gate ends up to small roofless courtyard with a water well in the center . Also, there is three long rooms preceded the courtyard and two rooms are exist above them . The space around the castle has been developed with establishing " Muhaires castle park" which has cultivated spaces with supporting facilities like restrooms, playground equipment, lights and food kiosks . The Saudi commission for tourism and national heritage attended Al-Ahsa municipality's signing of memorandum of understanding to develop Muhaires castle, which was during Saudi travel & tourism investment market ( STTIM) at 2014 . Qualification five historical sites were in Al-Ahsa, and Muhaires castle was one of them, like the other historical and archaeological sites which known in the area as it's build from mud, in addition of raw materials like burlap and hay.
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