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 Czech Republic
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Napajedla (Czech pronunciation: [ˈnapajɛdla]; German: Napajedl) is a town in the Zlín Region of the Czech Republic. It has about 7,200 inhabitants. The centre of the town is historically significant and is protected by law as urban monument zone.


The town's name is derived from the verb napojit, which means to water (horses). It refers to a ford, which was used by military caravans for stops and refreshments. Napajedla literally means watering holes.


The first written mention of Napajedla is from 1355. It became a town in the 19th century.

Mineral water

There is a mineral spring called Slanica (slaný = salty) in the town. The existence of the mineral springs was first mentioned in documents from the 16th century. The springs were severely damaged, when the railroad was built in the middle of the 19th century, and only one spring persisted. This spring is used till today. The town was also known for its spa, however the spa was closed in the middle of the 20th century.

Notable people

Vincenc Prasek (1843–1912), historian, linguist; lived here Božena Benešová (1873–1936), lyricist, writer Josef Šnejdárek (1875–1945), army general Leoš Firkušný (1905–1950), musicologist Rudolf Firkušný (1912–1994), pianist Josef Bulva (1943–2020), pianist; studied here

Twin towns – sister cities

Napajedla is twinned with: Borský Mikuláš, Slovakia Kľak, Slovakia Ostrý Grúň, Slovakia
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