Ostrava hlavní nádraží

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 Czech Republic
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Ostrava main railway station, (Ostrava hlavní nádraží, abbreviated Ostrava hl.n), is a railway station in city part Ostrava-Přívoz and main train terminus of Ostrava, third biggest city in the Czech Republic.


Station is an important transport junction. All types of trains operated by Czech Railways or private transport companies RegioJet and Leo Express stops here. Station is located on a crossing of four railway lines: 321 Opava východ – Český Těšín 323 Ostrava – Valašské Meziříčí 270 Bohumín - Olomouc (main) - Česká Třebová Báňská dráha (freight only)


First train reached the new-built station on the 1st May 1847. Position on the international line Krakow – Vienna (Emperor Ferdinand Northern Railway) and raise of mining industry in whole Silesia brought the station significant importance. In 1869 track to Frýdlant nad Ostravicí was connected. Because of capacity reasons, station was expanded for the first time between 1892-1893. Since August 1894, tram line operates transport to the centre of Moravian Ostrava. In mid-60s resolution about a radical reconstruction of whole city part Ostrava-sever (Ostrava-North) was accomplished including a plan of the new modern station realized by architect Lubor Lacina (1967) in Brussels style (Czechoslowakian design style inspired by esthetics of Expo 58 in Brussels). Works were finished eight years later. In the front of the building a new terminus of tram, trolleybus and taxi transport was created in collaboration with Lacina’s sister, sculpturer Sylvie Lacinová-Jílková. A lot of unique architectonical and interior design features disappeared after last reconstruction in 2007.

Changes of station names

1. 5. 1847 – Ostrau 1881 – Ostrau Hauptbahn 1895 – Mährisch Ostrau 1900 – Mährisch Ostrau – Přívoz 1. 5. 1905 – Mährisch Ostrau – Oderfurt 1921 – Moravská Ostrava – Přívoz 22. 5. 1937 – Moravská Ostrava hl. n. 1940 – 1945 Mährisch Ostrau Hbf. – Moravská Ostrava hl. n. 1946 – Ostrava hl. n.
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