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Premantura – Promontore is a small village in Istria, on the southernmost tip Istrian Peninsula, just south of the city of Pula – Pola. A short distance from Premantura is Cape Kamenjak – a small peninsula consisting of more than 30 km of coastline with several coves and beaches. In the southernmost part of Istria (county of the Julian region), on a sliver land surrounded by the sea and perched on the top of a hill, there lies a small and ancient village. It had been called Promontorium Polaticum first, then Promontore (Promontore d’ Istria) and finally Premantura. Throughout history Premantura & Kamenjak have been exposed to constant changes of government due to the importance and uniqueness of its position. In the 20th century, the inhabitants of Premantura had lived through six different political regimes or states. The inhabitants of Premantura became famous for their ample to catch of a very delicious type of crab. Premantura is naturally connected with the Cape Kamenjak – a small peninsula which was, due to its exceptional beauty and variety of plants and animal species, declared a protected area back in 1996. Kamenjak peninsula is 3400 m long, wide between 500–1200 m and includes 30 km of coastline, beautiful bays and beaches, many protected and endemic plant and animal species such as: endemic orchids, butterflies, Mediterranean monk seal, crabs and more. The best evidence about the ancient history of Premantura Kamenjak are the 146 dinosaur footprints found on Kamenjak that are more than 90 million years old.
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