Roman Catholic Diocese of Brno

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 Czech Republic
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The Roman Catholic Diocese of Brno (Latin: Brun(ensis)) is a diocese located in the city of Brno in the ecclesiastical province of Olomouc in the Czech Republic.


1296: A collegiate (latter the cathedral) chapter established in Brno 1625: A collegiate chapter established in Mikulov 1777, December 5: The Diocese established from a part of the Diocese of Olomouc 1780s: As a consequence of the Edict on Idle Institutions (by Joseph II) some ancient monasteries and convents abolished 1783: Territory (substantially) extended 1807: A seminary established 1909: The first diocesan synod was held 1934: The second diocesan synod was held 1938-1945: Substantial southern part of the diocese (under the rule of Nazi Germany) administered separately by vicar general in Mikulov 1945-1946: German population expelled from the diocese 1950: The seminary abolished due to the Communist rule 1950-1968: Communists prevented Bishop Karel Skoupý from tenure of office 1972-1990: Sede vacante due to the Communist rule 1999: Administrative reorganisation: number of deaneries reduced from 37 to 20

Special churches

Basilica of the Assumption (Bazilika Nanebevzetí Panny Marie) in Staré Brno St. Wenceslas Collegiate Church in Mikulov

Bishops of Brno

Mathias Franz Chorinsky von Ledske (1777–1786) Johann Baptist Lachenbauer, OCr (1786–1799) Vinzenz Joseph Franz Sales von Schrattenbach (1800–1816) Wenzel Urban von Stuffler (1817–1831) Franz Anton Gindl (1831–1841) Anton Ernst von Schaffgotsche (1841–1870) Karl Nöttig (1870–1882) František Saleský Cardinal Bauer (1882–1904) Pavel Huyn (1904–1916) Norbert Johann Klein, OT (1916–1926) Josef Kupka (1931–1941) Karel Skoupý (1946–1972) Vojtěch Cikrle (since 1990)

Saints connected with the diocese

St. Peter and Paul, patron saints of the diocese St. Zdislava, born 1220s in Křižanov St. Clement Hofbauer, born 1751 in Tasovice Blessed Maria Restituta, born 1894 in Husovice (now part of Brno) Jan Bula, a Catholic priest executed by the Communist regime in 1952. The Diocese has been processing his beatification since 2004.
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