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Ruse Province (Bulgarian: Област Русе or Rusenska Oblast Bulgarian: Русенска област, former name Ruse okrug) is a province in northern Bulgaria, named after its main city - Ruse, neighbouring Romania via the Danube. It is divided into 8 municipalities with a total population, as of February 2011, of 235,252 inhabitants.The Danube Bridge, one of only two bridges opened over the Danube, is located in the province. One of the versions of a folk song, inspired by the Ruse blood wedding, can be heard in the province.


The Ruse province (област, oblast) contains eight municipalities (община, obshtina; plural общини, obshtini). The following table shows the names of each municipality in English and Cyrillic, the main town (in bold) or village, and the population of each as of December 2009.


The Ruse province had a population of 266,213 (266,157 also given) according to a 2001 census, of which 48.7% were male and 51.3% were female. As of the end of 2009, the population of the province, announced by the Bulgarian National Statistical Institute, numbered 249,144 of which 25.8% are inhabitants aged over 60 years.The following table represents the change of the population in the province after World War II:

Ethnic groups

Total population (2011 census): 235 252Ethnic groups (2011 census): Identified themselves: 216,612 persons: Bulgarians: 176,413 (81,44%) Turks: 28,658 (13,23%) Romani: 8,615 (3,98%) Others and indefinable: 2,926 (1,35%)Ethnic groups according to the 2001 census, when 266,157 people of the population of 266,213 of Rousse Province identified themselves (with percentage of total population): Bulgarians: 213,408 Turks: 37,050 Romani: 9,703


Religious adherence in the province according to 2001 census:
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