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Srbija Voz (Serbian Cyrillic: Србија Воз; Anglicized: Serbia Train) is the national passenger railway company of Serbia. Srbija Voz is an associate member of the International Union of Railways (UIC) since 2016.


In March 2015, the Government of Serbia announced its plan to establish three new railway companies, splitting the Serbian Railways in separate businesses - cargo, passenger and infrastructure.Srbija Voz was founded on 10 August 2015, as the national passenger railway company, after being split from the Serbian Railways, in the process of reconstruction and better optimization of business.In February 2019, Srbija Voz temporarily suspended transportation on Belgrade–Novi Sad railway (one of the country's most frequent passenger routes) until 2022, due to railway reconstruction.

Rolling stock

Electric trainsets ŽS 412 (20 units in total, 15 in service) ŽS 413 (21 units in total, 21 in service) Diesel trainsets ŽS 711 (39 units in total, 39 in service) Passenger car park Passenger cars - "open" or "compartment" (364 units) Sleeping cars (52 units) Couchette cars (63 units) Dining/lounge cars (15 units)

Passenger transport

Srbija Voz inherited the passenger transport from the Serbian Railways following the establishment. Since 2015, it offers many services which include international routes and domestic (both regional inter-city and local intra-city) routes.


Srbija Voz is part of EuroCity service on following routes: Avala coach train connects Belgrade to Vienna. Beograd coach train connects Belgrade to Budapest. Balkan coach train connects Belgrade to Sofia. Hellas coach train connects Belgrade to Thessaloniki.Other (non-EuroCity) international routes include ones to Bar: Tara coach train serves famous railway line from Belgrade to Bar (Montenegro).


Regional (inter-city)
The Regio is a service that offers domestic connections to Novi Sad, Subotica, Niš, Zrenjanin, Valjevo, Kraljevo, Užice, Sombor, Požarevac, Zaječar, Vršac, Kikinda, Prokuplje and Ruma. FLIRT3 EMU of Class 413 provide the service on electrified lines while on non-electrified lines transport is provided by RA2 DMU of Class 711.
Local (intra-city)
BG Voz is an urban rail system that serves the city of Belgrade. RVR EMU of Class 412 serves the system.
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