Store Hellstugutinden

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Store Hellstugutinden is a mountain in Lom in Innlandet county, Norway and is in the mountain range Jotunheimen. Store Hellstugutinden is the highest of several peaks along the ridge Hellstugutindane, between Hellstugubrean/Vestre Memurubrean in east and Urdadalen in west. The ridge Hellstugutindane consists of: Nordre Hellstugutinden Midtre Hellstugutinden Store Hellstugutinden Nestsøndre Hellstugutinden Søndre Hellstugutinden

The name

The first element is the name of the cabin (shelter for hunters) Hellstugu, the last element is the finite form of tind m 'mountain peak'. The name of the cabin is a compound of hella f 'flat stone, flagstone' and stugu f 'house with one room, cabin'. (Houses in Norway are mostly made of wood, but here they had to use stone because the lack of wood.) The word store means 'the big'.
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