Taifa of Majorca

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The Taifa of Majorca was a medieval Islamic taifa kingdom which existed from 1018 to 1203 in Majorca. It was founded by the Slavic warlord Mujāhid al-ʿĀmirī. The first taifa lasted for about 50 years (1076-1116), first succumbing to a Christian crusade and later being occupied by the Almoravids. After a period in which the Balearic Islands were integrated into the Almoravid Empire, it ended up disintegrating, suffering the same fate as the Caliphate of Córdoba. It was ruled by the Aghlabid dynasty, an Arab Najdi dynasty of the Banu Tamim tribe. A new, independent kingdom arose, the second taifa (1147-1203), under the Banu Ghaniya dynasty, which would become the last Almoravid stronghold in Al-Andalus against the Almohads' advance.

List of Emirs

Mujahid dynasty

Mujāhid al-ʿĀmirī: 1018–1041 'Ali Iqbal ud-Dawlah: 1041–1075

Aglabid dynasty

Ibn Aglab al-Murtada: 1076–1093 Mubassir: 1093–1114 Abu-l-Rabi Sulayman "El Burabe": 1114–1126

Ghaniyid dynasty

Muhammad I: 1126–1155 Ishaq: c. 1155–1184 Muhammad II (deposed in a coup): 1184 d. 1187 Ali (left to conquer the Maghreb): 1184 Abu al-Zubayr or Talha: November 1184–1185 Muhammad II (restored): 1185–1185 Tashfin: 1185–1187 'Abdallah: 1187–1203 To Almohads: 1203–1229
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