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The National Forestry and Wood-Technology University of Ukraine is a Ukrainian University in Lviv. Post address: 103 Gen. Chuprynka St., 79057 Lviv, Ukraine


Austro-Hungarian period Establishing of forestry education in western Ukraine had a long prehistory. In 1807, Galychian foresters appealed to the Government with a request to open a secondary forestry educational establishment. In 1812, the project of creation of a department and professional studios at Lviv University was submitted for consideration. In 1852, a Forestry Section began to operate at the Galychina Economic Society, and soon in 1874 the Galychina Forestry Society appeared. On October 24, 1874 the Regional School of Forestry began training of specialists in Lviv. In 1908, the Regional School of Forestry was given a status of a higher educational establishment. Period of Poland's rule Reorganization of educational establishments took place after the defeat of the Western-Ukrainian People Republic in Polish domination times. Higher Forestry School was joined with the Agrarian Academy and Agrarian-Forestry Faculty of Lviv Polytechnic University was established. In 1921-1926, Ukrainian underground University with Forestry (later on Forestry-Agrarian) Faculty within its structure operated in Lviv. Period of German occupation In 1941-1944 only professional forestry courses on the basis of Lviv Polytechnic University functioned. Period of the Ukrainian SSR On 15 January 1945, a Resolution of the USSR Government concerning foundation of Lviv Forestry Institute was adopted. On 6 November 1954, Forestry-Melioration Faculty of Lviv Agrarian Institute was joined with Forestry Faculty of the Forestry University. In 1988, Lviv Forestry Institute was named after the prominent scientist, academician Petro S. Pohrebnyak . Independent Ukraine On 17 June 1993, Forestry Institute was successfully accredited, it received a State license for educational activity at the fourth educational-qualifying level. By the resolution of Ukraine's Cabinet of 13 August 1993, No. 646, the Ukrainian State Forestry University was founded on the basis of Petro Pohrebnyak Lviv Forestry Institute. On 16 May 2005, the University was given a status "National".

Campuses and buildings

The University is accommodated in 9 academic buildings, one of them being an architectural monument. Residence halls are located on the University area. All the academic buildings and residence halls together make up the University Campus. Library users are served in 2 lending and 3 reading halls. The library is located in a separate building and also 2 more departments are located in other University buildings. The Internet access is provided in every University building.

Institutes and faculties

At present, the University comprises the Institute of Ecological Economics, six faculties: Faculty of Forestry, Faculty of Forest Engineering and Mechanics, Faculty of Woodworking Technology, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Corresponding Studies and Post-Diploma Training, the Research Department, the Scientific Technical Library, the Small Forest Academy, Lviv Technological College, Transcarpathian Forestry College, the State Botanical Garden, the natural reserve "Rostochya", the Stradch Educational Forestry Enterprise, the Educational and Consulting Centre in Khust (Transcarpathian region), the Carpathian and Polissya Research Forest Ecology Laboratories, three educational and research ecological centres, a sport-and-recreation centre on the Black sea coast and a number of other institutions.

Honorary Doctors

Helmut Kohl, Leonid Rudnytsky, Hans Essmann, Noel Lust, Davide Pettenella, Hansjurgen Doss, Ditrich Blumenwitz.

Prominent graduates

Ivan Hrunyansky – Minister of Forestry and Carpentry (1965-1986) Yaroslav Khoma (1974-) – professional footballer Roman Kozak (1957-) – presidential candidate in 2004 Atena Pashko (1931-2012) – chemical engineer, poet, social activist Yuriy Ruf (1980-2022) – poet and reservist Mykola Shershun – Head of the State Forestry Committee (2010) Roman Shpek (1954-) – Minister of the Economy (1993-5); Vice-premier of Ukraine for Economic Issues (1995-6), Head of the Permanent Representative Office of Ukraine at the European Union (2002-7) Yuriy Tunytsya – NAS academician, Doctor of Economics, professor, member of the official delegation of Ukraine at the 63d session of the UN General Assembly (2008), member of the official delegation of Ukraine at the UN Conference on sustainable development issues (2012), originator of the World Environmental Constitution

Awards and reputation

According to UNESCO TOP-2000 of Ukraine in 2012 the University was ranked 32
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