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 Czech Republic
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The Western Beskids (Czech: Západní Beskydy; Slovak: Západné Beskydy; Polish: Beskidy Zachodnie; German: Westbeskiden) are a set of mountain ranges spanning the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland. Geologically the Western Beskids are part of the Outer Western Carpathians. Traditionally the Western Beskids were considered part of the Beskids, a term that differs according to historical and linguistic heritage.


The Western Beskids consist of the following mountain ranges: Western section of the Western Beskids: Hostýn-Vsetín Mountains (Czech: Hostýnsko-vsetínská hornatina) → e1 Moravian-Silesian Beskids (Czech: Moravskoslezské Beskydy, Slovak: Moravsko-sliezske Beskydy) → e2 Turzovka Highlands (Slovak: Turzovská vrchovina) → e3 Jablunkov Furrow (Czech: Jablunkovská brázda) → e4 Rožnov Furrow (Czech: Rožnovská brázda) → e5 Jablunkov Intermontane (Slovak: Jablunkovské medzihorie, Czech: Jablunkovské mezihoří) → e6 Silesian Beskids (Polish: Beskid Śląski, Czech: Slezské Beskydy) → e7 Żywiec Basin (Polish: Kotlina Żywiecka) → e8Northern section of the Western Beskids: Little Beskids (Polish: Beskid Mały) → f1 Maków Beskids (Polish: Beskid Makowski) → f2 Island Beskids (Polish: Beskid Wyspowy) → f3 Gorce Mountains (Polish: Gorce) → f4 Rabka Basin (Polish: Kotlina Rabczańska) → f5 Sącz Basin (Polish: Kotlina Sądecka) → f6Central section of the Western Beskids: Orava Beskids (SK: Oravské Beskydy) + Żywiec Beskids (PL: Beskid Żywiecki) (the older SK equivalent of Beskid Zywiecki is "Slovenské Beskydy" - Slovak Beskids or "Kysucko-oravské Beskydy" - Kysuce-Orava Beskids) → g1 Kysuce Beskids (SK: Kysucké Beskydy) +Żywiec Beskids (PL: Beskid Żywiecki) (the older SK equivalent of Beskid Zywiecki is "Slovenské Beskydy" or "Kysucko-oravské Beskydy") → g2 Orava Magura (SK: Oravská Magura) → g3 Orava Highlands (SK: Oravská vrchovina) → g4 Sub-Beskidian Furrow (SK: Podbeskydská brázda) → g5 Sub-Beskidian Highlands (SK: Podbeskydská vrchovina) → g6Eastern section of the Western Beskids: Beskid Sądecki (Polish: Beskid Sądecki) → h1 Čergov (Polish: Góry Czerchowskie; Slovak: Čergov) → h2 Pieniny (Polish: Pieniny; Slovak: Pieniny) → h3
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