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Yong In University is a private university located in Samga-dong, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. Founded as a judo school, it expanded to the present-day comprehensive private university offering both undergraduate and graduate courses.

The history of Yong In University

Yong In University is a private university located in Samga-dong, Choin-gu, Yongin-shi, Kyonggi Province, Korea. The school opened as Korea Judo School in 1953 under the founding slogan of "Be the one who contributes to society through moral cultivation." It was commissioned as a four-year undergraduate school in 1971 and changed its name to Korea Physical Science College to the current name, Yong In University in 1993. Started as a physical education college, it is a private university with total 35 departments for both day and night sessions in the 6 colleges: Martial Art, Physical Science, Culture & Art, Business Administration, Environmental Science and Health & Welfare. Also, the university has established 7 special graduate schools in Education, Physical Science, Art, Business, Rehabilitation & Health Science, Taekwondo, Cultural Asset and one general graduate school with 8 subordinate organizations including the Central Library and 18 affiliate organizations to develop competitive global talents.


Graduate School

International Exchange Programs

Foreign Language Education Program Yong In University has audio video labs and is operating training programs to provide counselling, guidance and person-to-person tutoring by professors.Study Abroad System The university runs language programs and holds foreign language contests (English, Chinese, Japanese) every semester hosted by the International Education Institute, providing study abroad opportunities in each semester to awarded students.Exchange Student Program Exchange students can choose among English, Japanese and Chinese-speaking countries. They are selected based on their language proficiency and are given chances to study abroad either in March/April for the first semester and September/October in the second semester. International Exchange Partners


Early graduation This is a system to confer an undergraduate degree to outstanding students who have acquired credits required for graduation within six to seven semesters.Credit Exchange with Open Cyber University (OCU) The student can acquire maximum six credits per semester online. Credit Exchange Program Yong In University has an agreement with 26 other universities in Kyonggi-Incheon area to exchange students and to acknowledge credits earned at the partner school. Professional Teacher Education Program Students who enroll in the college of education or departments in which teaching course is established/approved can acquire a certificate for secondary school teacher(Level 2).

Scholarship program

Scholarship Program, Payment regulations

Campus life

Research activities Dissertation presentations and academic events on majors are held by college and department, academic society, circle. Dissertations are published on and off campus journals and relevant lectures are held as well.University Magazine Publication The School Paper Editing Committee publishes school paper Danho every year. Information on social issues, dissertation, essay and literature are included. Outstanding works are awarded the Baekho Literature Award every year.University Festival This is a festival of academic lectures, presentations, exhibition of illustrated poems, singing contest, broadcast festival, concerts by circles and scheduled events. School faculty, alumni and campus neighbors participate.University Sports Festival This is a festival in which colleges and departments compete against one another in sport.

Auxiliary organizations

University Library With Academic Information Support Section and Academic Information Reading Section, Yong In University Central Library comprises 2 five-story buildings (total 7,606㎡). University Museum The museum, located within Yong In University campus, accommodates exhibit hall, storages, data rooms, preservation rooms and research rooms of 795㎡. Exhibitions and academic conferences are held in the museum, which is registered as the career certifying institution and the professional institution for the exploration of culture assets and the survey on landmarks.Office of Athletics The Directorate was established to provide support to sports talents and the training team.University Newspaper and Broadcasting Center The university newspaper is a media body of the university.The Education Broadcast System was opened on October 23, 1986.Center for Industry and Academic Cooperation The committee provides administrative support and assistance in human resource development, R&D, technology transfer through research commissioned and coordination with industrial bodies.Sports & Wellness Research Center Office of Information Management This provides information dissemination system via high speed wireless network, all-in-one information system, lecture support system, portal system, etc.

Affiliated institutes


Yong In University campus

Notable alumni

Jang Ki-yong Baek Jin-hee Choi Ji-ho Gary (Leessang) Hwang In-young Hyun Young Kim Dong-hyun, professional Mixed Martial Artist Kim Jae-bum Kim Sa-rang Kyu Ha Kim Sung Hoon Won Bin Yang Dong-geun Yoon Se-ah Yong Chin Pak Lee Jung-hyun (Actor) Kim Go-eun (LAYSHA)
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